Thursday, February 23, 2012

Question bloggers

Okay bloggers...Comcast has raised their prices across the board (GRRRRRRR) and I have a TV that hasn't worked in like a year (despite me calling several times) and they want to charge me 50 dollars to fix it. This is the LAST straw, I dislike their service, I dislike that they raise their prices (which I am behind now since I do automatic billing), WHO can I use????? I left ATT for the same reason and would only go back for uverse but note Uverse isn't available at my address

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I am the WORST procrastinator, and you would think that since I can admit it I would do something about it, but no. I am super lazy when left to my own devices and napping sounds so much better than doing the other things that beckon. My poor house was promised that I was going to clean it on Saturday and DO laundry, have either of these been done? Nope.

Any tips peeps?