Monday, April 14, 2014

New Adventures

So yet again I am facing a new school next year, but this year wasn't a choice per say. I had to be moved out of my room due to back issues, and then found out that they will no longer have my old classroom as an option in the county. This was something that was always a possibility, but they kept going back and forth. I have been teaching interrelated for the past four months and have fallen in love with it and the teachers I am working with currently. I was hoping to stay where I was next year, but it seems due to numbers at my current school it's not possible. While I think a change would be good for me, for those who know me know what I am talking about, it is scary and nerve wracking. Here it is after spring break and I still have NO idea where I am going to be teaching next year or what. I have expressed interest in middle grades, but with my back problem -grrr- I feel like my positions are limited. 

I am asking for prayer for my back, for my next position to be where God wants me and for life in general . I am also struggling being the only single in my area, I know God has a plan but it is hard to wait. I want to say I know I am BEYOND blessed, I have an AMAZING church family and family family. They provide more support and love, than I deserve and I am forever thankful.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

End of another season

I can't believe that it's the end of another swim season. Looking back it's been a whirl wind, I managed to successfully coach five different high school teams-how I still don't know?! These past few days I have been redesigning the North Paulding website, and have been pondering of making the other teams new websites as well.

On the other's a full moon and tomorrow is the first day back after a nine day break. Pray for the teachers!

-What a Life To Live-

Sunday, December 16, 2012


This past Friday (12/14/12) the unspeakable happened, a shooting in an elementary school occurred. I never expected it to hit me as hard as it has, yes I expected to be sad over this incredibly sad event (never been one to show strong emotion with these type of events)...but the feelings I have had these past two days, have hit me hard. Since that day I have been crying off and on, seeing a flag at half mast, speaking to someone about it, praying about it, reading about name it and the tears would fall. I went to church this morning and spoke to my pastor about it, how my heart was hurting, literally aching, for those precious babies and how I thought about my 8 precious ones that I teach. I would do the same for them in an instant, I guess in a way it scares me. I know where I would go, and it would be a place of no pain and incredible joy...but I am scared for the fear it would give my little ones.  During Communion he came and prayed with me, again silent tears feel down my face, but he spoke about John 1:5- The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.- during the sermon and has helped put my heart at ease. Yes I am still crying, and yes tomorrow might be a hard day...BUT I know that I will love on my babies even more then I usually do, I won't let this horrible event scare me away from doing something I love and feel that I was meant to be doing on this Earth. While it is painful, we have to remember that we will see those precious 20 children and 8 adults in Heaven. Pray for those who lost their children, pray for those who are feeling hopeless, pray for those who do not know God and lost a child, or loved one. We have Hope in the Lord, while they are feeling hopeless...pray without ceasing. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I never knew I would find another church that felt at home, how the church I grew up in felt when I was younger. Now that I am older (still trying to accept that fact, hahahah) I ventured out and found a new Church that I have found my place. Not only is this a home feeling, but it pushes me to be a better Christian, it gives me a community of Christians to be with, to hang out with, to talk with...what more could I ask for? Now in truth I looked into this church hoping there would a younger crowd (aka single Christian men)- no such luck- BUT I found something better. A new and stronger faith in God, knowing that nothing can pluck me from his hands.  My prayer for all those out in cyber land is for you all to find a home Church that provides love, Christian support (including Christian brotherly judgement and prodding in the right direction in order to make you a better person) and if you are my neck of the woods contact me and join me at my new home and new church.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A New Adventure...

Today was a very bitter sweet day for me, I left a school that has been my home for three years. The school that taught me how to be a teacher, the school were I made my first teacher mistakes and joys. The school that housed my first school babies, the babies I helped and loved on. The babies that brought me tears on the 25th of May, and worries for their futures. I am leaving the first school family, the family that has support me and helped me in my first years as a teacher. The place of my first "big" girl job. What is hard about leaving is...the school is closing. I won't be able to go back and say "See that elementary school, that was my first job", it will be "Well I taught for three great years at this former school".  While I am going to another amazing school, I am leaving my first school ever. Thankfully I am going to a school where I know people and teaching a new batch of babies in a new setting. It still hasn't hit fully, maybe in the fall...

On another NOTE I leave for camp in two days, this is exciting and I am ready to go up there and escape the craziness of this life right now.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shaking in my Sperry's

Last night was one of the scariest moments in my life, I had been watching the weather, nervous and by myself. I finally got my brother to my parents house with me and we ran to the basement, next thing we know the wind picks up and shakes the house- I can even describe the sound. A tornado hit less then half a mile from my parents house where we were staying. I didn't sleep till close to 2am. Thank the Lord we were okay, and parents house is okay.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Question bloggers

Okay bloggers...Comcast has raised their prices across the board (GRRRRRRR) and I have a TV that hasn't worked in like a year (despite me calling several times) and they want to charge me 50 dollars to fix it. This is the LAST straw, I dislike their service, I dislike that they raise their prices (which I am behind now since I do automatic billing), WHO can I use????? I left ATT for the same reason and would only go back for uverse but note Uverse isn't available at my address

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I am the WORST procrastinator, and you would think that since I can admit it I would do something about it, but no. I am super lazy when left to my own devices and napping sounds so much better than doing the other things that beckon. My poor house was promised that I was going to clean it on Saturday and DO laundry, have either of these been done? Nope.

Any tips peeps?

Sunday, January 22, 2012


So for those who don't know me...I am slightly lactose intolerant. I can have dairy products, but not straight milk or heavy laden dairy products (even though I do...not a good idea). I haven't drank regular milk in years, I drank soy for awhile (and LOVED it) but I am worried about drinking too much soy (health effects). I have tried almond milk (Gross), recently coconut milk (vanilla flavor)-GROSS as well. Any suggestions cyber world?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Addiction...

I ended 2011 with conquering a fear and making new memories. Along with a camp friend we went to Lake Lanier Islands to do zip lining. The only other time I have EVER zip lined was at camp and wasn't too happy with the climb up the ladder/pegs BUT loved zip lining. So off we went...I LOVED it. It is ALL I can think of now and can't wait to go back and zip line. I am already planning on going in February (winter break) and really would love to go ever or ever other month and conquer all their zip lines. So in February I plan on doing the same one and finding someone to go with me!! Here are some pictures, I didn't take my camera due to being freaked out and hugging the tree so thanks to SARAH I got pictures!
Getting Nervous waiting to be called to go zip lining!

Getting all the rules and about to get "dressed"
All suited up, feel secure and ready to zip...I think

Thanks Sarah for inviting me and taking pictures!

All new meaning to "tree huger"

Out of order, but getting ready for the first zip!
I just did WHAT?! and I kept asking "So I just sit right?"

Our guide shaking the bridge...

I can do it!
 So it was a GREAT day and we had AWESOME guides and I will be back, well worth the 50.00's. I highly recommend this to others, if you go let me know!
Lake Lanier Canopy Tous

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pinterest Activity Number Two

So for those who know me know that I LOVE cards, I hate throwing them away. I always take chem to pick out the perfect card and I know others do as well. I honestly love cards and hate just throwing them away, they were sent with love and I want to keep that with me. So after this Christmas I was feeling crafty and started looking online and found this amazing way to keep my cards, but make them useful. I now have TWO new Christmas decorations and plan on making new one's each year.

-Print the main body part on cardstock
-Put together the main body, I used hot glue, I just LOVE hot glue!
-after cutting out the template for the cards (I just printed on regular paper to save money) I traced it on one card and then cut it out and used it as a template for the rest.
-Trace ALL the cards first- hassle I know...but worth it!
-Cut out the cards
-Put them together (use hot easy!)
-Fold them down (as instructed) and glue them onto the main body
-Be amazed at how EASY it is, and how wonderful it looks

Here is mine (ignore the hot glue strands...still cleaning it up)

EASY Christmas card Star