Sunday, December 16, 2012


This past Friday (12/14/12) the unspeakable happened, a shooting in an elementary school occurred. I never expected it to hit me as hard as it has, yes I expected to be sad over this incredibly sad event (never been one to show strong emotion with these type of events)...but the feelings I have had these past two days, have hit me hard. Since that day I have been crying off and on, seeing a flag at half mast, speaking to someone about it, praying about it, reading about name it and the tears would fall. I went to church this morning and spoke to my pastor about it, how my heart was hurting, literally aching, for those precious babies and how I thought about my 8 precious ones that I teach. I would do the same for them in an instant, I guess in a way it scares me. I know where I would go, and it would be a place of no pain and incredible joy...but I am scared for the fear it would give my little ones.  During Communion he came and prayed with me, again silent tears feel down my face, but he spoke about John 1:5- The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.- during the sermon and has helped put my heart at ease. Yes I am still crying, and yes tomorrow might be a hard day...BUT I know that I will love on my babies even more then I usually do, I won't let this horrible event scare me away from doing something I love and feel that I was meant to be doing on this Earth. While it is painful, we have to remember that we will see those precious 20 children and 8 adults in Heaven. Pray for those who lost their children, pray for those who are feeling hopeless, pray for those who do not know God and lost a child, or loved one. We have Hope in the Lord, while they are feeling hopeless...pray without ceasing.