Sunday, October 28, 2012


I never knew I would find another church that felt at home, how the church I grew up in felt when I was younger. Now that I am older (still trying to accept that fact, hahahah) I ventured out and found a new Church that I have found my place. Not only is this a home feeling, but it pushes me to be a better Christian, it gives me a community of Christians to be with, to hang out with, to talk with...what more could I ask for? Now in truth I looked into this church hoping there would a younger crowd (aka single Christian men)- no such luck- BUT I found something better. A new and stronger faith in God, knowing that nothing can pluck me from his hands.  My prayer for all those out in cyber land is for you all to find a home Church that provides love, Christian support (including Christian brotherly judgement and prodding in the right direction in order to make you a better person) and if you are my neck of the woods contact me and join me at my new home and new church.