Monday, April 14, 2014

New Adventures

So yet again I am facing a new school next year, but this year wasn't a choice per say. I had to be moved out of my room due to back issues, and then found out that they will no longer have my old classroom as an option in the county. This was something that was always a possibility, but they kept going back and forth. I have been teaching interrelated for the past four months and have fallen in love with it and the teachers I am working with currently. I was hoping to stay where I was next year, but it seems due to numbers at my current school it's not possible. While I think a change would be good for me, for those who know me know what I am talking about, it is scary and nerve wracking. Here it is after spring break and I still have NO idea where I am going to be teaching next year or what. I have expressed interest in middle grades, but with my back problem -grrr- I feel like my positions are limited. 

I am asking for prayer for my back, for my next position to be where God wants me and for life in general . I am also struggling being the only single in my area, I know God has a plan but it is hard to wait. I want to say I know I am BEYOND blessed, I have an AMAZING church family and family family. They provide more support and love, than I deserve and I am forever thankful.