Sunday, January 22, 2012


So for those who don't know me...I am slightly lactose intolerant. I can have dairy products, but not straight milk or heavy laden dairy products (even though I do...not a good idea). I haven't drank regular milk in years, I drank soy for awhile (and LOVED it) but I am worried about drinking too much soy (health effects). I have tried almond milk (Gross), recently coconut milk (vanilla flavor)-GROSS as well. Any suggestions cyber world?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Addiction...

I ended 2011 with conquering a fear and making new memories. Along with a camp friend we went to Lake Lanier Islands to do zip lining. The only other time I have EVER zip lined was at camp and wasn't too happy with the climb up the ladder/pegs BUT loved zip lining. So off we went...I LOVED it. It is ALL I can think of now and can't wait to go back and zip line. I am already planning on going in February (winter break) and really would love to go ever or ever other month and conquer all their zip lines. So in February I plan on doing the same one and finding someone to go with me!! Here are some pictures, I didn't take my camera due to being freaked out and hugging the tree so thanks to SARAH I got pictures!
Getting Nervous waiting to be called to go zip lining!

Getting all the rules and about to get "dressed"
All suited up, feel secure and ready to zip...I think

Thanks Sarah for inviting me and taking pictures!

All new meaning to "tree huger"

Out of order, but getting ready for the first zip!
I just did WHAT?! and I kept asking "So I just sit right?"

Our guide shaking the bridge...

I can do it!
 So it was a GREAT day and we had AWESOME guides and I will be back, well worth the 50.00's. I highly recommend this to others, if you go let me know!
Lake Lanier Canopy Tous