Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pinterest Activity Number Two

So for those who know me know that I LOVE cards, I hate throwing them away. I always take chem to pick out the perfect card and I know others do as well. I honestly love cards and hate just throwing them away, they were sent with love and I want to keep that with me. So after this Christmas I was feeling crafty and started looking online and found this amazing way to keep my cards, but make them useful. I now have TWO new Christmas decorations and plan on making new one's each year.

-Print the main body part on cardstock
-Put together the main body, I used hot glue, I just LOVE hot glue!
-after cutting out the template for the cards (I just printed on regular paper to save money) I traced it on one card and then cut it out and used it as a template for the rest.
-Trace ALL the cards first- hassle I know...but worth it!
-Cut out the cards
-Put them together (use hot easy!)
-Fold them down (as instructed) and glue them onto the main body
-Be amazed at how EASY it is, and how wonderful it looks

Here is mine (ignore the hot glue strands...still cleaning it up)

EASY Christmas card Star


  1. cool project! ben would be good at this, he's really good with origami type things. maybe next year if we get enough cards.. hmm...

  2. I will have to make sure to mail you a card (though I do picture cards...I didn't cut up my picture cards, I cut the pictures out and put them on my fridge).